Computer Science B.S. Tracks

UMBC CMSC majors can apply to get a notation on their transcript showing that they have fulfilled the requirements of a track by filling out a form and completing the required courses with a grade of C or better. These courses typically also satisfy general program requirements for technical electives or upper-level electives. Thus they represent a focus of elective courses rather than taking additional courses.

The program currently offers tracks in the following areas. Click on the links to get more information on each track.

You can declare that you intend to follow a track by filling out the registrar’s Declaration of Major, Minor, and Certificate form and indicating the track (i.e., AIML, CYBR, DSCI, GDEV) )you plan to pursue. Submit your completed form HERE.

Students can complete more than one track with the caveat that two courses in each track cannot be used towards any other tracks. Therefore, one track requires 4 courses. Two tracks require a minimum of 6 courses. Three tracks require a minimum of 9 courses.

If you have declared that you are following a track and complete its requirements before graduating, a notation that you have completed it will appear on your transcript. There is no penalty for declaring that you intend to follow a track but failing to complete all of its requirements.