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Past Course Frequency

UMBC CSEE Past Course Frequency

When you plan what courses to take in future semesters, it may be helpful to know when they might be offered and how many sections may be available. But, of course, this varies from semester to semester and depends on many factors, including instructor availability.

While you cannot be sure what courses will be available, you can see what has been offered in the past, and use that information to predict what might be offered in the future. This page shows records of the courses offered in recent years in our different academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate courses in the CMPE, CMSC, and EENE programs as well as graduate courses in the DATA and CYBR MPS programs. The data shows when they were offered and how many sections were available.

Using this data, you can see, for example, what courses have been offered in recent summer sessions, what courses tend to be offered every semester, and the courses that are still in the catalog but have not been offered for several years.

For courses that include a lecture and multiple recitation sections, like CMSC 201, the number is the total of lectures and recitation sections. Other entries, like 498 and 499, are classes for individual students, so the number reflects how many students took them.

Click on the image below to see the data as a Google Sheet