Talk: Dr. Arvind Krishna, Senior VP & Director, IBM Research, Accelerating Technology Disruption: the Cognitive Revolution, 1pm 2/24, PAHB 132

UMBC Cyber Dawgs to hold student cybersecurity competition on Saturday, March 11

UMBC CSEE alumnus Josiah Dykstra receives PECASE award for cybercrime work


UMBC's Cyber Scholars program increases diversity in cyber-related fields by supporting the success of women and underrepresented minority students

Symposium & recruiting event for UMBC undergrads for the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, 1pm Fri 2/17

CSEE faculty on securing the president’s smartphone and avoiding “cyber-fatigue”

Bringing together women at all levels to promote the recruitment, retention, and progression of women in computing fields

UMBC places 7th at Pan-Am Team Chess Championship

In Hour of Code, UMBC students give Baltimore youth hands-on intro to computing careers

UMBC researchers collaborate with Army Research Laboratory to understand human variability

Prof. Marie desJardins elected a Member-at-large of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Diana Parr, adjunct instructor UMBC's Cybersecurity Graduate Program, selected for prestigious Brookings Legis Congressional Fellows Program

Six new SFS cybersecurity scholars to join UMBC in 2017

Consider pursuing an advanced degree in computing

Five short videos show young researchers with PhDs who are working in industry as they talk about what compelled them to pursue a doctorate and how they are using their advanced training in their work

UMBC and IBM Research launch Accelerated Cognitive Cybersecurity Lab

Lab will apply AI, high performance computing, data visualization and IBM's cognitive computing systems and tools to cybersecurity problems

What can be done after a cyber attack?  UMBC cybersecurity expert offers tips following DNC breach

Talk: Lisa Cassell (UMass Amherst) on Bayesianism and the Evidence Problem, Philosophy Dept. colloquium, 4-6pm Feb 15, 456 PAHB

talk: Securing Networks by Detecting Logical Flaws in Protocol Implementations, Noon Wed 2/22