NSA launches 4th annual student Codebreaker Challenge
The Codebreaker Challenge is a hands-on, software reverse engineering challenge in which students work to complete mission-focused objectives and push their university to the top of the competition leaderboard.
Consider pursuing an advanced degree in computing
Five short videos show young researchers with PhDs who are working in industry as they talk about what compelled them to pursue a doctorate and how they are using their advanced training in their work
UMBC and IBM Research launch Accelerated Cognitive Cybersecurity Lab
UMBC and IBM Research are collaborating to create the Accelerated Cognitive Cybersecurity Lab at UMBC, which will apply AI, high performance computing, data visualization and IBM's cognitive computing systems and tools to cybersecurity problems
UMBC to help promote computing and engineering in Howard County Public School System
Prof. Adam Bargteil Elected as ACM SIGGRAPH Director-at-Large
Professor Adam Bargteil was elected to a three-year term as director-at-large for ACM SIGGRAPH, the premier professional organization for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

What can be done after a cyber attack?
UMBC cybersecurity expert offers tips following DNC breach

Marc Olano at TEDx Towson: technology is changing the way we perceive reality
UMBC CSEE professor Marc Olano talked at TEDx Towson on how technology has changed the way we perceive reality and has started to blur the lines between the real and the virtual
Prof. Marie desJardins comments on the risks of autonomous weapon systems
The real challenge will come when we start to put more autonomy into drones and assault robots

For the past six years, students in UMBC's Cyber Dawgs group have been learning about cybersecurity and successfully participating in competitions and challenges

3D Capturing the Future at UMBC
90 high-resolution cameras simultaneously take picutures of an object from different vantage points, software integrates them and produces a 3D model
Dr. Penny Rheingans, Director of the Center for Women and Information Technology
Prof. Penny Rheingans elected to CRA Board of Directors
CSEE professor Penny Rheingans has been elected to the Computing Research Association's Board of Directors
Dr. Penny Rheingans, Director of the Center for Women and Information Technology
UMBC Cyberdawgs Win 2015 Maryland Cyber Challenge
UMBC Cyberdawgs Team 1, Tyler Campbell, Josh Domangue, Chris Gardner, Anh Ho, Jacob Rust, & Julio Valcarcel took first place with 18,979 points, outscoring the winning team in the professional division by 5690 points
Marie desJardins recognized by CRA for Undergraduate Research Mentoring
CSEE Prof. Marie desJardins receives an Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award from the Computing Research Association (CRA)
Gymama Slaughter reimagines life-saving medical devices, no batteries required
CSEE professor Gymama Slaughter talked about her research to develop an implantable glucose sensor powered by chemical reactions in the human body at the 2016 TEDxBaltimore.
Multi-Agent Planning and Learning Lab
Exploring AI solutions to real-world problems Our research reaches outside of multiagent systems, planning, and machine learning to include cognitive science, computational sociology, bioinformatics, and human-computer interaction.
Cognition, Robotics, and Learning Lab (CORAL)
Understanding how artificial systems can acquire grounded knowledge from sensori-motor interaction with the environment that enables cognitive activities like natural language communication & planning
Machine Learning for Signal Processing Laboratory
Developing novel theory and tools for processing signals Combining statistical signal processing, adaptive signal processing and machine learning to support applications that challenge traditional approaches.
Center for Information Security and Assurance
Cybersecurity and information assurance research & education UMBC is recognized by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security as one of the nation's Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research
Center for Multicore Productivity Research
CHMPR and affiliated industry and government partners address the productivity, performance & scalability of applications by the continuous evolution of multicore architectures & open source tools.

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