CMSC Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Track

AI / ML Track Requirements

Required courses:

CMSC 471 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3 Cr) (CMSC Elective)
CMSC 478 – Introduction to Machine Learning (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)

Complete two electives from the following list:

CMPE 422 – Digital Signal Processing (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 462/491 – Introduction to Data Science (Technical Elective)
CMSC 473 – Introduction to Natural Language Processing (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 475 – Introduction to Neural Networks (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 476 – Information Retrieval (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 477 – Agent architectures and Multiagent systems (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 479 – Introduction to Robotics (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 491 – Computer Vision (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 491 – Knowledge Graphs (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)
CMSC 491 – Advanced Robotics (3 Cr) (Technical Elective)

Some additional special topics classes relevant to AI or machine learning may be accepted as satisfying a track elective with the approval of the AI/ML track director, Professor Tim Finin (

See this page for general information on the currently available tracks in the CMSC major and how to declare that you are following a track.

Inquiries about the AI/ML track can be directed to the AI/ML track director, Professor Tim Finin (