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  • UMBC Policies – staffing, administration, affairs, research, relations, IT, etc.
  • Travel
    • UMBC Travel Information – forms, rates, etc.
    • CSEE e-travel request form – Fill out this online form before you travel.
    • UMBC Reimbursement Form (2020)
      This form is an excel spreadsheet that is used to request reimbursement for travel-related expenses and for other, miscellaneous expenses. When using it for travel reimbursement, you should:

      • Tape all receipts to a sheet of paper in chronological order
      • Provide a foreign currency conversion form for each receipt ( you are requesting reimbursement
      • Provide an approved copy of the e-travel request
      • Complete, sign and submit the form with documentation within 10 days of returning from travel
      • Provide late justification if submitted after 10 days of returning from travel
      • Submit completed forms to Camilla Hyman-Waters

      If you have any questions, please contact Camilla Hyman-Waters.

    • UMBC reimbursement rates for meals and mileage
      • Domestic Per Diem, effective January 1, 2023:
        • $15.00 Breakfast
        • $18.00 Lunch
        • $30.00 Dinner
      • Personal vehicle use is $0.655 per mile, effective January 1, 2023.
      • Foreign travel is reimbursed at the applicable U.S. Department of State Meal and Incidental Rate without receipts, or the actual cost with receipts.
  • CSEE Miscellaneous Pay Request Form – Honorariums, Stipends, Memberships, Registrations, and Other types.

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