Research Centers and Laboratories

Research Centers and Laboratories

Computer Science

Computer Engineering

  • ECLIPSE Cluster

    The ECLIPSE cluster is a group of three research groups with shared laboratories, projects, and students: the Mobile, Pervasive, & Sensor Systems Laboratory led by Dr. Nilanjan Banerjee, the Covail Analog & Digital Systems Research Laboratory, led by Dr. Ryan Robucci, and the VLSI Systems and Hardware Security Laboratory led by Dr. Chintan Patel

  • EEHPC – Energy Efficient High-Performance Computing Lab

    Director: Dr. Tinoosh Mohsenin

    The design and implementation of various high-speed and high-performance systems that are highly energy efficient. The research spans across multiple levels of abstraction ranging from innovative new process technologies and circuit styles to architectures, algorithms, and software technologies

  • ESNET – Embedded Systems and Networks Laboratory

    Director: Dr. Mohamed Younis

    Design and management of wireless sensor networks, network architecture and protocols, underwater communication, MAC and routing protocols for ad-hoc and sensor networks, energy-aware system design, secure communication, fault tolerance, topology management, and applications of sensor and actuator networks.

Electrical Engineering

  • CSPL – Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory

    Director: Dr. Joel M. Morris

    Solving problems in communications and signal processing, including iterative decoded codes for wireless and optical fiber communications, joint-domain techniques for signal representation and analysis, and adaptive importance-sampling for estimating the probabilities of very rare events in coded and uncoded communication systems.

  • Computational Photonics Laboratory

    Direcotr: Dr. Curtis Menyuk

    Solitons in optical fibers, high-data-rate optical fiber communications, optical fiber lasers, photonic crystal fibers, randomly varying birefringence in optical fibers, polarization mode dispersion, and other polarization effects, recirculating loop experiments, network testbeds, fiber amplifiers, receiver characterization, and modeling, nonlinearity and noise, dispersion management and alternative formats, wavelength division multiplexing, signal processing, and coding, and biasing monte carlo simulations.

  • MLSP-Lab – Machine Learning for Signal Processing Laboratory

    Director: Dr. Tulay Adali

    The focus of MLSP-Lab is the development of theory and tools for processing signals that arise in today’s growing array of different applications. These signals require nonlinear, usually adaptive and/or online processing, and can be non-Gaussian and non-stationary. Current applications under study include medical image analysis—particularly functional and structural MRI and EEG—multi-modal data fusion, video processing, and communications.