Industry Involvement

The UMBC CSEE Department interacts with business and industry in many ways in support of the mutual needs of business, industry, and academia in research, development, and education. If you are interested in exploring opportunities, please find further information with the UMBC Office of Institutional Advancement (

Here is a partial list of some of ways we can work with you.

  • We collaborate with businesses on research projects, either supported directly by the company or by a state or federal agency. Research partners have included IBM, Lockheed-Martin, Microsoft, Google, Northrup Grumman, Qualcomm, and BBN as well as many smaller start-up companies.
  • We have received significant gifts of software and/or hardware from many companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMWare and Google. These support the education and research of our students and faculty and expose our students to new technology.
  • We help match companies with potential student interns and new employees.
  • We have developed custom courses and tutorials for companies that have been taught either at UMBC or on site.
  • Many of our faculty do consulting with or spend sabbaticals at companies.