Transfer Information – Computer Science

Transfer students who apply for admission to UMBC and Computer Science as their desired major will have their transcripts evaluated by the College of Engineering and Information Technology to determine eligibility.
All students who meet the eligibility requirements for their respective major at the time of application will be admitted as a Pre-Major. Students will be admitted as Pre-Computer Science. Students may also choose Pre-Engineering if they are undecided about which Engineering discipline they want to pursue.
Students will be moved from Pre-Major to Major status when they have passed their gateway requirements, met all academic policies of the University and College (including repeat policy), and have their gateway processed by the College of Engineering and Information Technology.
Transfer Students who are eligible to pursue their respective major but have not yet passed the gateway will complete gateway requirements at UMBC during their first semesters of enrollment.
Students who are accepted into the University having already met the Gateway requirements for Computer Science major will remain a Pre-Major until all transcripts with final grades have been received, posted by the Registrar’s Office, and processed by the College of Engineering and Information Technology. Typically, this will happen after the first semester of enrollment at UMBC.
Students who are not eligible for Computer Science major due to gateway or course repeat issues will not be able to pursue that major at UMBC.
Please consult the information below for information on gateway, course repeats, four year plans, and departmental information.

Gateway Requirements

Gateway requirements are courses you need to complete in order to be eligible for full admission into the major. Students who are majoring in Computer Science majors must meet specific grade requirements for courses and adhere to the course repeat policy of their specific major. Please see the link below for more information.

Gateway requirements – Computer Science

Four Year Plans

Sample four year plans for the Computer Science Major is provided to show the typical progression of this major. These plan includes major and general education requirements. Math and Foreign Language placement may impact the four year plan. Please note that students must also complete two Physical Education courses.

Four Year Plan – Computer Science

For more details visit Computer Science website

Individuals interested in obtaining transfer application requirements, applications, and deadlines are encouraged to visit UMBC’s Application Requirements for Transfer Students webpage to obtain more information.

Students transferring from four-year institutions, in-state or out-of-state, and from out-of-state community colleges, must provide course descriptions and course syllabi to determine course equivalencies. It is the student’s responsibility to locate and provide all of the necessary information (including course descriptions, syllabi) to facilitate this more detailed course-by-course review. More information about the transfer credit process can be found on the Registrar’s Office Transfer Credits web page. Students transferring to UMBC from Maryland Community Colleges have access to ARTSYS, the Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities.