CMSC Cybersecurity Track

Cybersecurity Track Requirements

Complete CMSC 426
Complete three courses from the CYBR List:
CMSC 442,443,444,449 (Malware Analysis),481,487,491(Wireless/Mobile Security, Reverse Engineering, Active Cyber).

If you believe you have an elective other than these that is related to computer security, please email me to see if we will consider it as a valid elective for the track.

Computer Engineering students need to complete CMSC 426, CMSC 481, CMPE 315, CMPE 415, and any list C elective.

A link to the Declaration of Major form can be found here.

A more detailed description of the academic pathway for the Computer Science B.S. Cybersecurity Track can be downloaded here.

All inquiries about the Cybersecurity track can be directed to Jeremy Dixon, the Undergraduate Program Director for CSEE.
He can be contacted at: