Classroom Labs

There are six classroom labs managed by the department that are used by courses.  Access to these rooms are given when attending an applicable class for a given semester.

  • ITE 210 Communications Lab – Analyze signals on opitcal laser and radio frequency waves.
  • ITE 232 Senior Design Lab – Develop and assemble the Computer Engineering capstone project.
  • ITE 235 Biomedical Microsystems Lab – Apply signal processing and sensor systems integration.
  • ITE 240 Computer Science Systems Lab – Develop Operating Systems routines in a virtual environment.
  • ITE 242 Computer Engineering Test Lab – Build and analyze digital logic circuits.
  • ITE 375 CAD Teaching Lab – Design and test VLSI model circuits.

Students who are not enrolled in a class can not remain in a lab.  Computer workstation access is “first come, first serve.”  During times of heavy use such as  when homework and projects are due, plan to arrive early to ensure a seat.

All graduate students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering have access to a dedicated computer lab in ITE 305.  This area is open 24 hours to facilitate class work and research.

There are at least eleven general usage computer labs available for all students managed by the University.  Many are reserved for instructional classes–a posted schedule at each room displays general availability.  The 24-hour computer lab is located in ENG 021 and ENG 021a.