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Free class: Programming in Lean for Scientists and Engineers

1-3pm ET July 9 – Aug 21, in-person & onlne, non-credit

Lean for Scientists and Engineers

Meets twice weekly, 1-3pm ET, July 9 – August 21, 2024

in-person at UMBC and online

UMBC’s AI & Theory-Oriented Molecular Science Lab (ATOMS) will teach a free, non-credit class, “Lean for Scientists and Engineers”, this summer. Lean 4 is a new programming language whose type system enables it to describe and check the logic of advanced math proofs. It makes it easier to write correct and maintainable code.

By writing software in Lean and writing proofs about those functions, we can be confidant that our code is correct. Our vision is to enable a new class of scientific computing software whose functions are interwoven with a library of formally-verified scientific derivations. All are welcome! This course is designed for non-mathematicians. 

Topics include logic and proofs for scientists and engineers, functional programming in Lean 4, and provably-correct programs for scientific computing. Prerequisites are Calculus II, introductory physics and introductory chemistry.

Register and get more information here.

Posted: July 5, 2024, 10:55 AM