Independent Study

Independent Study for undergraduate students in computer science and computer engineering is available as CMSC 299, CMSC 499 and CMPE 499. Students interested in these options must initiate an idea for a project. He or she must then find a faculty member who is interested in, and willing to, sponsor the project. The student and professor will determine the objectives of the project, the number of credits to be earned, and the evaluation criteria for the project. A written report is required. The faculty sponsor is responsible for submitting a grade for the independent study.

Part-time instructors are sometimes willing to sponsor independent study projects; however, they are often unable to make the time commitment necessary to guide a project. A part-time instructor who is interested in supervising a project should discuss it with the Student Affairs Office. For students taking independent study under the direction of a part-time instructor, a description of the project, approved by the instructor, must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Student Services (ITE203-206).

Students should register for CMSC 299, CMSC 499 or CMPE 499 using the regular registration process.

Certain criteria should be used in the selection and design of a project for independent study. It should involve learning subject matter that is not available in the course offerings at UMBC. The knowledge level should be the equivalent of a university course at the same level as the independent study course. The time commitment should be equal to that of an equivalent course.

A student is limited to a total of two independent study courses in computer science and computer engineering. They may not be taken in the same semester.

Independent Study credits do not satisfy any computer science or computer engineering major requirements; however, they do help to fulfill the 120 credits required for graduation. Interested students may find detailed information in the Office of Undergraduate Student Services (ITE203-206).