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Below is a list of the accepted papers to be presented at ACM I3D 2013.

Animation and Simulation

ADAPT: The Agent Development and Prototyping Testbed
Alexander Shoulson, Nathan Marshak, Mubbasir Kapadia, Norman I. Badler
Efficient Motion Retrieval in Large Motion Databases
Mubbasir Kapadia, I-kao Chiang, Tiju Thomas, Norman I. Badler, Joseph T. Kider Jr.
Hybrid Long-Range Collision Avoidance for Crowd Simulation
Abhinav Golas, Rahul Narain, Ming Lin

Geometry Representation

A Subdivision-Based Representation for Vector Image Editing
(TVCG paper presentation)
Zicheng Liao, Hugues Hoppe, David Forsyth, Yizhou Yu
Interactive Mesostructures
Scott Nykl, Chad Mourning, David Chelberg
Flip-Flop: Convex Hull Construction via Star-Shaped Polyhedron in 3D
Mingcen Gao, Thanh-Tung Cao, Tiow-Seng Tan, Zhiyong Huang

Global Illumination - Representation and Rendering

Rational BRDF
(TVCG paper presentation)
Romain Pacanowski, Oliver Salazar Celis, Christophe Schlick, Xavier Granier, Pierre Poulin, Annie Cuyt
Fast Global Illumination for Interactive Volume Visualization
Yubo Zhang, Kwan-Liu Ma
A Practical Analytic Model for the Radiosity of Translucent Scenes
Yu Sheng, Yulong Shi, Lili Wang, Srinivasa Narasimhan
Efficient Concurrent Radiance Estimation for Photon Mapping
Michael Mara, David Luebke, Morgan McGuire

Occlusion and Depths

Multi-view Ambient Occlusion with Importance Sampling
Konstantinos Vardis, Georgios Papaioannou, Athanasios Gaitatzes
A Physically Plausible Algorithm for Rendering Depth of Field Using Few Samples per Pixel
Kefei Lei, John F. Hughes
Depth-fighting Aware Methods for Multi-fragment Rendering
(TVCG paper presentation)
Andreas Vasilakis, Ioannis Fudos

Shadows, Transparency, and Lights

Fast Percentage Closer Soft Shadows using Temporal Coherence
Michael Schwarzler, Christian Luksch, Daniel Scherzer, Michael Wimmer
Fast Light-Map Computation with Virtual Polygon Lights
Christian Luksch, Robert F. Tobler, Michael Schwarzler, Ralf Habel, Michael Wimmer
Efficient Shading of Indirect Illumination Applying Reflective Shadow Maps
Philipp Lensing, Wolfgang Broll
Hybrid Transparency
Marilena Maule, Joao Comba, Rafael Torchelsen, Rui Bastos


Filtering Color Mapped Textures and Surfaces
Eric Heitz, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Pierre Poulin, Fabrice Neyret
FasTC: Accelerated Fixed-Rate Texture Encoding
Pavel Krajcevski, Adam T. Lake, Dinesh Manocha
Simple and Efficient Example-based Texture Synthesis Using Tiling and Deformation
Kan Chen, Henry Johan, Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig

Painting, Brushing, and Editing

Texture brush: an interactive surface texturing interface
Qian Sun, Long Zhang, Minqi Zhang, Xiang Ying, Shi-Qing Xin, Jiazhi Xia, Ying He
Volume Stylizer: Tomography-based Volume Painting
Oliver Klehm, Ivo Ihrke, Hans-Peter Seidel, Elmar Eisemann
WYSIWYG Stereo Painting
Yongjin Kim, Holger Winnemoller, Seungyong Lee
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