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2008 SIAM Conference on Data Mining (SDM'08)

IBM Almaden Research Center

The Intelligent Information Systems Research (aka. Quest) group designs information systems that enable the preservation of the privacy and ownership of data while not impeding the flow of information. Our work is motivated by the technical challenges posed by the ever-changing computing landscape, whose success is predicated on protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of interactions between individuals and enterprises as well as between enterprises. We do fundamental and "visionary" research that closely ties with applications, i.e. identifying and studying new frameworks, models, methodologies, opportunities. We ground our work in the Healthcare Informatics space and ensure that our research is applicable across a myriad of other industries. We believe that research must have impact, on the enterprise and on humanity. Thus, we strive to ensure that our work is not only applicable to real problems, but also theoretically sound.

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