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8:30am - 8:40am: Introduction
Workshop co-chairs
8:40am - 9:30am: Keynote Speak: Privacy & Data Protection: Policy and Business Trends
Harriet P. Pearson, VP & Chief Privacy Officer, IBM
Slides  [PDF]
9:30am - 9:55am: Privacy-Preserving Predictive Models for Lung Cancer Survival Analysis
Glenn Fung, Shipeng Yu, Cary Dehing-Oberije,
Dirk De Ruysscher, Philippe Lambin, Sriram Krishnan, R. Rao Bharat
10:00am - 10:30am: Coffee Break
10:30am - 10:55am: Efficient Algorithms for Masking and Finding Quasi-Identifiers
Rajeev Motwani, Ying Xu
10:55am - 11:20am: On the Lindell-Pinkas Secure Computation of Logarithms: From Theory to Practice
Raphael S. Ryger, Onur Kardes, Rebecca N. Wright
11:20am - 11:45am: Constrained k-Anonymity: Privacy with Generalization Boundaries
John Miller, Alina Campan, Traian Marius Truta
11:45am - 12:10pm: Towards Application-Oriented Data Anonymization
Li Xiong, Kumudhavalli Rangachari
12:10pm - 12:25pm: Concluding Remarks
Workshop co-chairs