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Call for Papers
Topics of Interest

The workshop will seek submissions that cover all important aspects of privacy-preserving data mining. The workshop will be especially interested in papers that focus on practical privacy models, metrics, and algorithms, as well as applied domain such as biomedical and healthcare, financial, social network, distributed and ubiquitous computing, web services.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following.
Theory of Privacy-Preserving Data Mining
- Privacy models
- Privacy evaluation techniques and metrics
- Cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving data mining
- Data perturbation, randomization and anonymization techniques
- Privacy threats due to data mining results
- Inference and disclosure control for data mining
- Game theoretic framework for privacy-preserving data mining
Social, Economic and Legal Aspects
- Data mining under legal constrains
- Privacy and anonymity in e-commerce and user profiling
- Privacy and security when mining outsourced data
- Privacy aspects of business processes and enterprise management
Applications of Privacy-preserving Data Mining
- Privacy-preserving biomedical and healthcare data mining
- Privacy-preserving graph and social network analysis
- Privacy-preserving multi-party and ubiquitous computing
- Privacy technologies in web environments
- Privacy-preserving data mining for intrusion detection
- Privacy-preserving data mining for homeland security
- Data mining for fraud and identify theft prevention
Privacy Data Management
- Privacy-preserving data integration
- Privacy policy infrastructure, enforcement and analysis
- Hippocratic databases
- Privacy monitoring and auditing
- Query execution over privacy sensitive data
- Privacy aware access control
- Privacy-preserving information retrieval
Questions about the workshop scope should be directed to the workshop co-chairs at p3dm2008@gmail.com

Submission Instructions

New! Full papers in PDF format must be submitted electronically via P3DM2008's CMT (Conference Management Service) on or before January 11, 2007 (11:59pm Pacific Standard Time).
The papers must be in English and should be prepared in
SDM camera-ready format. Authors' instructions and template files can be found through http://www.siam.org/meetings/sdm08/participation.php
The maximum length of the paper is
10 pages of US letter size paper (8.5" x 11").
Questions about the submission process should be directed to the workshop co-chairs at p3dm2008@gmail.com


The workshop proceedings will be made available online. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version for publication in a formal post-workshop proceedings in the LNCS series by Springer.