Prof. Chein-I Chang honored by journal special issue dedication

CSEE Professor Chein-I Chang was recently honored by the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing by dedicating an upcoming special issue to him. The special issue is on Hyperspectral imaging and data exploitation, a topic that Professor Chang has pioneered and published more than 300 research papers and books on over the past 30 years.

Hyperspectral imaging is a technique in remote sensing data processing that expands and improves multispectral image analysis capability. It takes advantage of hundreds of contiguous spectral channels to uncover materials that usually cannot be resolved by multispectral sensors.

Professor Chein-I Chang established his Remote Sensing Signal and Image Processing Laboratory shortly after joining UMBC in 1991 with a research focus that has included remote sensing, signal and image processing, hyperspectral imaging, medical imaging, and automatic target recognition. The RSSIPL lab has produced more than 40 Ph.D. graduates, nearly 50 M.S. graduates, and many patents.

In dedicating the special issue, the journal’s call for papers says.

“Prof. Chein-I Chang is an important pioneer in the areas of hyperspectral imaging and data exploitation, including many new developments in target/anomaly detection, classification, endmember finding/unmixing, band set/subset selection, compressive sensing, real-time processing, etc. His contributions to these areas have been of great importance, with many highly innovative ideas and techniques that are now currently being used in academia and industries for analyzing and interpreting remotely sensed hyperspectral data. With the special occasion of his 70th anniversary, this special issue honors his contributions by soliciting papers in the main areas in which Prof. Chang has remained active for more than 30 years.”