nsa live student programs

What’s it really like to be an intern at the National Security Agency? Learn about the wide array of available opportunities from former NSA interns who are now NSA employees. Join them for a live webinar 5-6pm Thursday, October 13 to learn more about the benefits of our paid internships and co-op programs. NSA has more than 30 programs available in a wide variety of majors:

  • Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering & Information Systems
  • Mechanical/Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • International Affairs & Foreign Language
  • Other fields like Business & Human Resources

They will also talk about the application process and what to expect. Don’t miss this final window to apply — all internship programs close later this month!  U.S. citizenship is required for NSA employment NSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Register now for the Student Programs Webinar, 5-6pm Thursday, 13 Oct. 2016. Seats are limited, so don’t put it off!