Homework assignments are designed to help you prepare for exams. Each homework assignment will contain a few questions which are similar to those you might expect on your instructor's exam. There are six (6) homework assignments given throughout the semester each equally weighted. All 6 homework assignments will be used in the calculation of your final grade.

Homework assignments are due in class on hard copy on the due date specified. No homework will be accepted after the end of class on the due date. A grade of zero will be given for any homework assignment not turned in on time.

Homework Assigned Due
HW1: Using GL Wed, Aug 31 Tue, Sep 6
HW2: induction and running time Tue, Sep 6 Tue, Sep 27
HW3: Binary Search Trees Tue, Sep 27 Tue, Oct 25
HW4: Heaps Tue, Nov 1 Thu, Nov 10
HW5: Hash Tables Tue, Nov 22 Thu, Dec 1
HW6: OpenMP Tue, Dec 6 Tue, Dec 13