Homework 3

Due: Tuesday, October 25, 8:59:59pm

There are 3 versions of Homework 3. Do the one based on your username:

Copy your files to the HW3 submission directory on GL. (Do not make a src subdirectory.)

Name your file HWXusernameVER.pdf where X is the homework number and VER is the version letter (A - C). For example, Sally Murphy with username smurph19 should submit a file named HW2smurph19C.

If you do your assignment on paper, scan in or use a cell phone app (e.g., TinyScan) to convert your paper assignment to PDF. It is much better to use an app and not just your cell phone's camera. These apps will crop the picture and convert trapezoids to rectangles. It is your responsibility to make sure that after conversion that your submission is still legible.