CMSC 435 Autumn 2000 Lab Assignment and Submission Procedures

Lab Assignments

This is where all lab handouts will appear about the same time that they are handed out in class.

  • Lab 1 Handout.

  • Example Edge program.

  • Lab 2 Handout

  • Lab 3 Handout.

  • Lab 4 Handout.

  • Lab 5 Handout; Lab5 Help Sheet.

  • Lab 6 Handout; More help on Lab 6
  • Lab 7 Handout and a sample output.

    Submission Procedures

    1. Equipment:

      SGI Indy workstations located in ECS labs or PCs.
    2. Programming environments:

      C, C++ using X11 under Unix, or GLUT and C/C++ on Windows.

    3. Submitting for Grading:

      The labs will be submitted electronically in the following manner:

      • Create a Makefile that upon execution will create an executable named runN where N is the lab number.
      • Create a directory called labN.
      • Place all your source files, Makefile and other necessary files in labN. ( no object files ore executables)
      • Copy your directory to the grading area using electronic submission. The command is the following:

        submit cmsc435 labn file1 file2 file3...

        For example, for lab1:

        submit cmsc435 lab1 Makefile.bmrt die.c die.tif

        This will copy your files to the graders area for labN, where the grader will test your program. The grader will cd to this directory and execute cd lab N; make ; runN or rendrib as appropriate

    4. Grading Criteria:

      Grades will be based upon the following:
      • Correctness: correct output. Most important criterion.
      • Robustness: correct behavior in extreme or unusual cases, incorrect input by the user, etc.
      • Thoroughness: Adherence to assignment specifications.
      • Readability: of the source code. This will primarily be used for assigning partial credit.

    5. Late penalty: Labs can be handed in late, but 10% of the lab grade will be deducted for each calendar day that it is late (Saturday and Sunday excluded), to a total of 50%. No lab may be handed in after 5 days past the due date.

    6. Other issues: Group discussion of lab requirements, etc. is encouraged. However,

      each person must do his/her own work.

      Sharing files, copying other people's programs, and group programming will not be acceptable. This will be considered academic misconduct.

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