Classwork 1: Booting Linux


The first encounter with Linux

Note: at the end of the lab, you will use submit to turn in a transcript of your Linux session. If you do not finish all the steps, just submit as much as you get done.

The Assignment

  1. Boot into Linux (see posted instructions). Log in with your usual UMBC username and password.

  2. Use cat > filename to store your best (clean) joke or personal motto in a file. (Type Ctrl-D to end your input.)

  3. Use cat filename to check that your joke or motto was correctly saved.

  4. Have neighbor check if joke is funny. If not, rm filename and try another joke/motto.

  5. Submit using:
       submit cs104_chang cw01 filename

  6. Check your submission with:
       submitls cs104_chang cw01