Semantic Web and Policy Workshop

4th International Semantic Web Conference
7 November 2005, Galway, Ireland



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2005 Web Policy Zeitgeist

We've assembled a distinguished set of panelists from around the world and asked them to respond to a set of positions in an attempt to understand the Semantic Web policy zeitgeist in 2005. The panelists are Each has been asked to respond to any or all of the following positions. Workshop participants are encouraged to think up new and provocative positions and to spring them on the panelists without warning and ask for a response.
  • Policies must be norms. Policies must express norms for ideal behavior -- both positive and negative. Policies for real world applications will always be over constrained. What's interesting and challenging is how a poor agent plans around, trades off, and navigates through all of the conflicting constraints. Is it also important for policies to guide uses in obtaining what they want ?
  • Policies are not just about security or privacy. Business rules are policies, Quality of service is regulated by policies. Policy specification languages should be able to express all of these shades of the notion of policy. What are the requirements for such a language?
  • Policies are not "islands" They must interact with all sorts of software, data, and (why not?) knowledge. Decisions making needs different, specific kinds of information in each application. Adapting a policy framework to a specific application domain shall almost surely need some work. Our frameworks should minimize the effort.
  • Policies must be integrated with ontologies. Or not. What is such integration expected to provide? Will this be useful only for the Semantic Web or are there advantages of using ontology based policies for other systems as well ?
  • Policies must be X. For some X. Articulate your own position and argue for it.