PJRC.COM Offline Archive, February 07, 2004
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MP3 Player Project

mp3 player with display
MP3 Player Features:
  • Stand-Alone MP3 Player
  • Reads FAT32 (Windows) Filesystem
  • IDE Drive, 500 Meg to 128 Gig
  • Laptop (2.5) or Standard (3.5) Drives
  • Memory, 4 to 32 Meg (72-Pin SIMM)
  • Large LCD Display
  • High Quality Output, 24 Bit DAC
  • Line-Level and Headphone Output
  • Open Source Flashable Firmware
Components Available:
8051 Microcontroller Tools

8051 Development Board with 2x16 LCD
8051 Resources And Projects:
Components Available:
More Projects...