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Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00pm – 5:15pm, Math/Psych 103

Section Announcements

Oct 24: Please see Data Structures Animated


Oct 24: Please keep track of the announcemments for all sections as well.

Aug 27: Please see Our section's schedule.


Your grade is based on 6 programming projects, 6 homework assignments, 2 in-class exams and the final exam. The points are distributed as follows:

points # Total
Project 0 3 1 3
Project 1-5 7 5 35
Homework 1-6 2 6 12
Exam 1 & 2 15 2 30
Final Exam 15 1 15
Participation 5 1 5
Total: 100
Extra grading policies: Projects are due at 11:00 PM on the day listed and homework assignments are due by class time at 4 pm AM. Programming and homework submitted for each late day will be penalized 10 percent of the possible score for that assignment. No more than 4 days is allowed for each programming assignment and no more than 2 days is allowed for each homework assignment. Each student gets two free "late" days without penalty for the entire semester, to be applied to any of the assignments by the end of the semester. Your score will be optimized by a TA. Your free late days must be claimed in writing or by email to the TA on or before the due date (make sure you submit to the right TA though).