External Funding

Total External Funded Grants: $1.48M, My Share: $1M
I have been Principal Investigator (PI) for most of my funded grants.

National Science Foundation (PI), AWARD #1652703 Title: "CAREER: DeepMatter: A Scalable and Programmable Embedded Deep Neural Network, Total: $475,104, 05/01/2017-04/31/2022
National Science Foundation (PI), #1652703 Title: “NSF Student Travel Grant for 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)”, I am local arrangement chair for the 50th IEEE ISCAS conference, with over 1000 participants and this grant is a new initiative for supporting US students to travel and present at ISCAS this year. Total: $30,000, 05/01/2017-10/31/2017
Lockheed Martin (Co-PI, Collaborative), Title: “Radio Frequency Signal Classification Using Deep Neural Networks”, Total: $125,000, My share: $41,600, 09/01/2016-12/31/2017
Army Research Lab (PI, Collaborative) “Online, Adaptive Artifact Identification for Real World Neuroimaging: Algorithms and Hardware”, Total: $246,392, My share: $123,96, 08/01/2016-04/31/2018
National Science Foundation (PI, UMBC Lead in Multi-campus-Collaborative) AWARD#1526913, Title: “CSR: Small: Collaborative Research: A Heterogeneous Ultra Low Power Accelerator for Wearable Biomedical Computing”, Total $500,000, My share: $ 211,976, 09/01/2015-08/31/2018
National Science Foundation (PI): AWARD#1350035, Title: “EAGER: Multi-physiological Signal Processing Architectures for Seizure Detection”, Total: $99,803, Oct. 2013- Dec. 2016
Boeing Corporation Foundation (PI): $10,000, September 2015-present
National Science Foundation CNS (Senior Personnel): Title: “MRI: Acquisition of Cutting-Edge GPU and Phi Nodes for the Interdisciplinary UMBC High Performance Computing Facility”, $605,850, 07/15/2017-07/14/2020

Equipment Support from Industry

Boeing Corporation (PI): Server and desktop, gift with total value of $5500, April 2017
NVIDIA Corporation (PI): GPU Tesla P40 and boards, gift with total value of $7000, April 2017
Xilinx Corporation (PI): Software, gift with total value of $13,198, July 2013, September 2014
Xilinx Corporation (PI): FPGA boards, gift with total value of $3,495, July 2013

Internal Funding

UMB-UMBC Seed Grant (PI, Collaborative Multi-campus), Title: “Wearable Multimodal System for Monitoring of Epilepsy Patients”, Total $50,000, My share: $25,000. 03/20/2015-08/20/2017