Tinoosh Mohsenin

                       Assistant Professor

                       Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Lab

                       Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department

                       University of Maryland Baltimore County










Quarter Course
  Spring 2016   CMPE 641   Topics in VLSI  
  Spring 2016   CMPE 650   Digital Systems  
  Fall 2015   CMPE 311   C Programming and Embedded Systems  
  Spring 2015   CMPE 650   Digital Systems  
  Spring 2015   CMPE 415   Programmable Logic Devices  
  Fall 2014   CMPE 691   Digital Signal Processing Hardware Implementation  

Research Group and Students

Energy Efficient High Performance Computing (EEHPC) Lab

Research Interests

In general, I am interested in high performance and energy-efficient VLSI computation that support communication, signal processing, error correction, and biomedical applications. These include:

Current Opening


For the most recent publications, please visit my research group EEHPC lab and my Google Scholar Profile