Welcome to Signal Processing and Smart Systems (SPSS) Lab!

Dept. of Computer Sci. & Electrical Eng.
ITE Building, Rm. 371
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Ph: 410-455-8644

Seung-Jun Kim (Director)
Hao Chen (Ph.D. student)
Young-hwan Lee (Ph.D. student)
Byron McMullen (Ph.D. student)
Rami Mowakeaa (Ph.D. student)
Adam Schoenwald (Ph.D. student)
William Walton (Ph.D. student)
Krishna Dontaraju (M.S. student)

Past Members:
Dan Abid (M.S. (2018), now with Textron Systems)
Jeon Lee (Post-doc, now with Univ. Texas Southwestern)