Work Experience

I interned part-time at Fujitsu Laboratories of America in College Park, Maryland, during the spring of 2002. Location determination and location-based services in wireless LANs were primary research/development areas of my internship.

Before entering the M.S program in 1999, I was a Senior Software Engineer at  Peritus Software Services (now a division of  Rocket Software). Maintenance of FTX (a fault-tolerant variant of SVR4 Unix developed by  Stratus Technologies ), DG/UX (a proprietary implementation of SVR4 Unix developed by  Data General )  and co-ordination of maintenance teams were some of my responsibilities at Peritus. I was with Peritus for 2 happy years.

Prior to September 1997, when I joined Peritus, I was a Systems Engineer at BFL Software Ltd., in Bangalore, India. This company merged with MPhasis a few years ago. At BFLSL, I worked on the same stuff as at Peritus, starting from 1996. Reason: Peritus was BFLSL's client.

I was exposed to research in Computer Science at the well-known Indian Institute of Science , Banglore, India, soon after I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in CS from Bangalore University. This was in 1994.