I am currently working on research related to wireless sensor networks, specifically security. Wireless sensor networks are a current "hot" topic. Research into problems related to security for these networks is in early stages. I am working toward identifying specific problem(s) to solve for my Ph.D work.

My M.S. thesis topic was Enhancing the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol. This work is an attempt to introduce the world of the  Semantic Web to the world of wireless networks.  I used RDF and DAML to design a service ontology for services in wireless networks.

With another colleague in the ebiquity group, I conducted experiments to evaluate the performance of TCP in wireless environments that use different technologies such as Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b. I also helped design a new transport protocol for wireless environments, which we called CentaurusComm, and evaluate its performance as well. This effort led to two publications, one in ICCCN 2001 and the other in the Computer Networks journal in 2002.

I have also been involved in projects related to data management in pervasive environments and m-Commerce (i.e., mobile Commerce for pervasive environments).