CMSC436/636: Data Visualization

Paper Draft Review
Due December 5, 2017: 10am
For this phase, you will review the paper draft of two other project teams. Team assignments, paper drafts, and review forms will be distributed in class. The review form is also available here. Anwer the questions on the review form, taking care to give sufficient detatil. Your score for this assignment will come from the quality of your review, not from the particular judgements you make about the paper draft (i.e., you write a high-quality review regardless of whether the paper draft you're evaluating is spectacular or unimpressive). Your evaluation should include concrete suggestions for improvement.

The Areas to Consider

Your review should address each of the following issues:

What to turn in

Submit your evaluation by emailing a plain text version of your report to the instructor. Don't include your name in the text of the review. I will forward your review to the team members.