CMSC436/636: Data Visualization

Beta Review
Due November 28, 2017
For this phase, you will evaluate the functionality, usability, and requirement satisfaction of the beta release of another project team. Team assignments will be distributed in class. Schedule an evaluation session with your assigned team in the next day or two. During your evaluation, you should use the prototype yourself (under the direction of the developers), rather than having them drive as in the demo. Write a one to two page evaluation of the assigned prototype, addressing the issues listed below and guided by the attached rubric. Your score for this assignment will come from the quality of your assessment, not from the particular judgements you make about the other prototype (i.e., you can conduct and write a high-quality evaluation regardless of whether the prototype you're evaluating is spectacular or unimpressive). Your evaluation should include suggestions for improvement.

The Requirements to Assess

Assess the degree to which the beta release satisfies each of the following requirements: If you judged each criteria on a scale of 0 (no satisfaction) to 5 (full satisfaction), what composite score would you give this prototype? Explain your score.

Other Issues to Address

Your evaluation should also address each of the following questions:

Possible Other Elements

What to turn in

Submit your evaluation by emailing a pdf version of your report to both the instructor and the project team members.