Preemptive Route Discovery/Maintenance

The software has been released without any guarantees that it will be maintained, upgraded, supported in any way whatsoever. You are free to download and hack it as you see fit, please don't send us queries. Student(s) who wrote the software have moved on to do other things, so unfortunately further queries about the software will go into a black-hole.

Hopefully, you will use/enhance this software for further experimenting in which case we request that this site and the original Mobicom publication be acknowledged/cited.

To use the software, first fetch the ns-2.1b6 source from (or wherever that version is archived, the last we checked on 7th October 2003, the above link was the place to find ns-2.1b6 which got used to generate the data reported in the paper).
Then download the patch file   containing our modifications to the ns code.

then do something like:
        % tar -xvzf ns-src-2.1b6.tar.gz
        % patch -p0 < proactive-ns-2.1b6.diff

Then configure and make as usual. It compiles and ran a test case