CMPE 212 Fall 2018
  • CMPE 212 - Digital Analysis and Design
  • UMBC, Fall 2018

Lectures Time and Place

Monday and Wednesday 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm in Math & Psych Building, Room 101

Instructor Office Hours

Tuesday: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (or by apt for those who cannot make it during that time slot).


  • Mehdi Rezaee Taghiabadi
    Office Hours TBD
  • TBA 2
    Office Hours TBD


  • Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design
    by Victor P. Nelson, H. Troy Nagle, Bill D. Carroll,
    and J. David Irwin, Prentice Hall, 1995.

Other Reference Material

  • Switching and Finite Automata Theory
    by Zvi Kohavi, McGraw Hill, 1978
    This is a classic book on switching theory.
  • Verilog
    There are a Large Number of Tutorials and Guides Available Online.

Topics to be Covered

  • Introduction
  • Number Systems and Codes (Ch.1)
  • Combinational Logic: Switching Algebra, Simplification, Hazards, etc. (Ch.2/3)
  • Combinational Logic: Design Practices and Examples (Ch.4/5)
  • Sequential Logic (Ch.6)
  • Sequential Logic: Design Examples (Ch.7)
  • Analysis, Simplification and Synthesis of Sequential Logic (Ch.8/9)


  • Two Midterm Exams, worth 20% each. (non-cumulative)
    • Exam 1: During the 3rd week in October
    • Exam 2: Just after the Thanksgiving break
  • Final (cumulative) 30%; Date TBA
  • Labs 30% (Open the Labs tab for more info.)

Goals of the Course

To develop an understanding of the fundamentals of digital logic analysis and synthesis.

Number Systems and Codes pt.1
Number Systems and Codes pt.2
Number Systems and Codes pt.3
Combinational Logic: Boolean Algebra
Combinational Logic: Switching Algebra and Switching Functions
Switching Circuits
Combinational Logic Minimization: K-maps pt.1
Combinational Logic Minimization: K-maps, QM
Combinational Logic Minimization : Covering, Multiple Outputs, Hazards
Modules : Decoders, Encoders, Muxes, Comparators, Adders
Example of Modular Design: Bit Slicing
Programmable Logic Devices pt.1
Programmable Logic Devices pt.2
Sequential Circuits: Flip Flops pt.1
Sequential Circuits: Flip Flops pt.2
Sequential Circuits: Flip Flops pt.3
Modular Sequential Logic: Shift Registers, etc.
Modular Sequential Logic: Counters pt.2
Modular Sequential Logic: Counters pt.2
Analysis of Sequential Circuits
Synthesis of Sequential Circuits

will be updated as required