Press Releases

New TEDCO and NSF Grant UMBC Coverage

New Hope for Paralysis Patients Live Interview at Microsoft Faculty Summit , Microsoft Research Blog , Project Mentioned in the "Next Big Things" of Microsoft EVP's keynote speech (from 46-49 minutes)

Article Mentions my CMSC 691 course (Systems for Smart Home Automation) , Microsoft Research Blog

10 Technologies changing farm machinery , Farm Industry News

2013 SEIF Awards Support Researchers in Software Engineering Microsoft Research Connection Blog

Where Objects Talk to Each Other Research Frontiers

An Emergency network for natural disasters Newswise (and several others)

USF research explores off-the-grid challenges San Franciso Business Times

Making Living Off-grid Easy, NPR interview

Going Green at Home Made Easier with iPhone App, Newswise , , Zeenews , Yahoo! news , Economics Times and several others.

Bringing the Cloud to a Smartphone Near You , Microsoft Research Connections Blog .


Assistive Care Devices

Eclipse researchers with UMB research (Dr. Sandy McCombe-Waller) were recently featured in a video developed by Microsoft Research. The video showcases Banerjee, Robucci, and UMB professor Sandra McCombe Waller, as they discuss the application of Microsoft’s Lab of Things to the team’s wearable sensing system project.

Distracted Driving Application

Our group has developed a novel proximity sensor-based system that analyzes driver movements and infers whether he/she is distracted or driving dangerously. The key novelity of our approach is that our sensors are built into head-gears, dashboards, and door mats inside vehicles and can non-intrusively detect dangerous and distracted driving using our novel signal processing algorithm. Our goal is to build these sensors into fleet vehicles.

Faculty Summit Coverage

Nilanjan Banerjee was interviewed at the Microsoft Faculty Summit on his work on wearable sensors for gesture recognition in paralaysis patients.