Systems for Smart Home Automation

(CMSC 691)

Source code

Kinect Source Code Kinect Code Base

Course Content

Introduction [Lecture]

Primer into C# (Basics of C#, Advanced C# (Delegates, Events, Attributes, Threading, Generics) [LectureC#Basics] , [LectureAdvancedC#]

Introduction to Lab-of-things (HomeHub: Based on Home Operating System, Cloud Components) [LectureLabofThings]

Programming using Lab-of-things (Concept of Drivers, Scouts, Apps) [pptx1] [pptx2]

Programming Specific Sensors (Energy meters, Window and door sensors, Multisensor, Proximity Sensors, Kinect, LAN Cameras)

Kinect [pptx]

Z-wave sensors [pptx]

LAN cameras [pptx]

Cloud services (Storage, webservices)

Control (Smartphone applications (simple ones)