Systems for Smart Home Automation

(CMSC 691)

Course Summary

This course is partially sponsored by Microsoft Research's Lab of Things (LoT) Initiative.

Smart Home Automation is an important paradigm in today's sensor-driven world. Homes and buildings are being continously instrumented with sensors like kinects, energy meters, cameras, occupancy sensors, digital televisions, and smart switches. Home automation systems form an interesting confluence of sensors systems, operating systems, and cloud-driven data analytics. This course will study the challenges in smart home automation systems from a hands-on and systems perspective. This class will use an innovative and emerging platform, Lab of Things, from Microsoft Research to build software systems for smart home automation. This would include writing drivers and applications using Lab of Things. Knowledge of an Object Oriented Language is a must. Knowledge of C# is a plus, however, the instructor would review C# towards the beginning of class. There would be three-four short assignemnts and a course project. There will be one in class midterm for the class but no finals.

Grade distribution (Assignments: 35%, In-class midterm (15%), Final Project (45%), In-class discussions (10%))

Discussion Group : Piazza

Office hours (Nilanjan Banerjee): 9:45-10:45 AM, Monday, Room # 362

Class Time : Mon, Wed (10:00 -- 11:15 pm)


Demonstration from last semester's project