Introduction to Mobile Computing

(CMSC 628)

Source code

Source Code (first 4 lectures): [source]

Source code (FragmentExample): [source]

Source code (Webservice (social application)): [source]

Source Code (Googlemap): [source]

Source Code (GCM): [source]

Course Content

Introduction and Logistics: [pptx]

Activities, Intent, Resources [pptx]

Android lifecycle, Application interactions [pptx]

Implicit Intents and Feedback [pptx]

Sensors and Location (accelerometer, compass, GPS) [pptx] [lecture 2]

UI design lecture 1

Fragments Fragment

Maps and Webservices [pptx]

Custom webservices and Using Google webservices (Places API and Speech to Text and Push Notifications) [ppt]

Local Storage [pptx] [pdf]

Detour: Building your Own UI elements and Advanced Debugging Tools [pptx]

Networking with Radios (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) [pptx] [pdf]

Mobile Games with Unity [pptx] [pdf]