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Dr. Sandy McCombe-Waller (University of Maryland, Baltimore)

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Dr. Susan Fager (Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Nebraska)

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Dr. James P. Parkerson

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Dr. Sami Rollins (University of San Franciscos)

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Research Grants

A wearable asthma trigger monitoring system with integrated physiological monitor.

Yordan Kostov (PI), Govind Rao (PI), Nilanjan Banerjee (co-I), Ryan Robucci (co-I), Christopher Hennigen (co-I)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
$2,000,000 September 2015--August 2019

Low-cost Continuous Virtual Energy Audits in Cyber-Physical Building Envelope

Nirmalya Roy (PI), Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI), Ryan Robucci
National Science Foundation (NSF)
$500,000 September 2015--August 2018

Utility-driven Smart Energy Services

Prashant Shenoy (PI), Simi Hoque, David Irwin, Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
$1,000,000 September 2015--August 2018

App permissions in Android

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Ryan Robucci, Ting Zhu
$25,000 June 2015--October 2015

Anomaly Detection in Cyber-physical Systems: Resilience by Degree of Awareness

Ryan Robucci, (PI), Chintan Patel, Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI), Anupam Joshi
Office of Naval Research (ONR)
$300,000 April 2015--March 2018

RestEaze: Advanced Ambulatory Measures of Leg Movements Including Periodic Leg Movements During Sleep

Richard Allen (JHU), Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI), Ryan Robucci, Chintan Patel
Technology Development Corporation (Maryland Innovations Initiative)
$150,000 Feb 2015--Nov. 2015

Hierarchical Movement Detection Using Capacitive Sensors

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Ryan Robucci, Chintan Patel, Sandy McCombe-Waller
Technology Development Corporation (Maryland Innovations Initiative)
$150,000 Sept 2014--June 2015

Distracted Driving Detection Using Textile-based Capacitive Sensor Arrays

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Ryan Robucci, Chintan Patel
UMBC Catalyst Grant
$15,440 Jan 2015 --Jan 2016

Hierarchical Capacitive Sensing for Environmental Control and Physical Therapy for Patients with Paralysis

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Ryan Robucci, Susan Fager, James P. Parkerson
National Science Foundation (and NIH) Smart and Connected Health Program.
$650,000 Sept 2014 --Aug 2017

Home Automation driven by Wearable Capacitive Sensors

Ryan Robucci, Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI)
UMBC Special Research Assistantship/Initiative Support.
$20,000 Sept 2014 --Aug 2015

Wearable Multi-sensor Gesture Recognition in Assistive Devices for Paralysis Patients

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI)
Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovations Award
$25,000 (+$1500) Unrestricted

Smartphone applications for information dissemination to corn and grain sorghum producers

Dharmendra Saraswat, Nilanjan Banerjee (co-PI)
Arkansas Corn and Sorghum Board
$100,000 Feb 2012--Feb 2015

System Support for Green Homes

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Sami Rollins
National Science Foundation
$400,000 Aug 2011--July 2015

CAREER: System Support for Renewable Energy-driven Devices

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI)
National Science Foundation
$480,000 Feb 2011--Jan 2017

Self-Sustainable Solar Powered Emergency Mesh Design

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), James P. Parkerson, Jackson Cothren
National Science Foundation
$485,000 Sep 2010--Aug 2014

Mobidemics: Using Mobile Gaming for Healthcare

Nilanjan Banerjee (PI), Douglas Hutchings
National Science Foundation
$50,000 Oct 2011--February 2012

MRI-R2: Acquisition of Integrated Instrument for Computational Research and Education

Nilanjan Banerjee (Senior Investigator), Amy Apon (PI)
National Science Foundation
$900,000 May 2010--April 2013