Mike Smith's Readings and Reviews 

on Reputation and Reasoning:


Written Reviews (14 entries):

Developing an Integrated Trust and Reputation Model for Open Multi-Agent Systems
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Dong Huynh and Nicholas R. Jennings and Nigel R. Shadbolt | Key: huynh-2004a
Trust in Multi-Agent Systems
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Sarvapali D. Ramchurn and Dong Hunyh and Nicholas R. Jennings | Key: ramchurn-2004a
Trust in Information Sources as a Source for Trust: A Fuzzy Approach
Year: 2003 | Author(s): Cristiano Castelfranchi and Rino Falcone and Giovanni Pezzulo | Key: castelfranchi-2003a
Detecting Deception in Reputation Management
Year: 2003 | Author(s): Bin Yu and Munindar P. Singh | Key: yu-2003a
Notions of Reputation in Multi-Agent Systems: A Review
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Lik Mui and Mojdeh Mohtashemi and Ari Halberstadt | Key: mui-2002c
The evolution and stability of cooperative traits
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Sandip Sen and Partha Sarathi Dutta | Key: sen-2002a
Ratings in Distributed Systems: A Bayesian Approach
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Lik Mui and Mojdeh Mohtashemi and Cheewee Ang and Peter Szolovits and Ari Halberstadt | Key: mui-2001a
REGRET: reputation in gregarious societies
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Jordi Sabater and Carles Sierra | Key: sabater-2001a
A simple learning strategy that realizes robust cooperation better than Pavlov in Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Joe Yuichiro Wakano and Norio Yamamura | Key: wakano-2001a
Evolutionary biology: Help and you shall be helped
Year: 1998 | Author(s): Regis Ferriere | Key: ferriere-1998a
Learning to Cooperate with Pavlov: An adaptive strategy for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Noise
Year: 1993 | Author(s): David Kraines and Vivian Kraines | Key: kraines-1993a
A strategy of win-stay, lose-shift that outperforms tit-for-tat in the Prisoner's Dilemma game
Year: 1993 | Author(s): Martin Nowak and Karl Sigmund | Key: nowak-1993a
Tit for tat in heterogenous populations
Year: 1992 | Author(s): Martin Nowak and Karl Sigmund | Key: nowak-1992a
Pavlov and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1989 | Author(s): David Kraines and Vivian Kraines | Key: kraines-1989a


On Mike's Short List to Read (9 entries):

Reputation-based Framework for High Integrity Sensor Networks
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Saurabh Ganeriwal and Mani B. Srivastava | Key: ganeriwal-2004a
Filtering out unfair ratings in bayesian reputation systems
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Andrew Whitby and Audun Josang and Jadwiga Indulska | Key: whitby-2004a
The beta reputation system
Year: 2002 | Author(s): R. Ismail and A. Josang | Key: josang-2002a
The Emergence of Trust in Multi-Agent Bidding: A Computational Approach
Year: 2001 | Author(s): D.J. Wu and Yanjun Sun | Key: wu-2001a
Learning to Trust
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Andreas Birk | Key: birk-2000b
Experiments in Building Experiential Trust in a Society of Objective-Trust Based Agents
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Mark Witkowski and Alexander Artikis and Jeremy Pitt | Key: witkowski-2001a
Development of cooperative relationships through increasing investment
Year: 1998 | Author(s): Gilbert Roberts and Thomas N. Sherratt | Key: roberts-1998a
Multiagent Reinforcement Learning in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1995 | Author(s): Tuomas Sandholm and R. Crites | Key: sandholm-1995a
Game-Dynamical Aspects of the Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1989 | Author(s): Martin Nowak and Karl Sigmund | Key: nowak-1989a


Read (33 entries):

Malicious behaviors of agents in multi-agent systems: minimizing their impact and detection
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Blazej Bulka | Key: bulka-2004a
Propagation of Trust and Distrust
Year: 2004 | Author(s): R. Guha and Ravi Kumar and Prabhakar Raghaven and Andrew Tomkins | Key: guha-2004a
Trust Revelation in Multiagent Interaction
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Sviatoslav Braynov and Tuomas Sandholm | Key: braynov-2002b
A Computation Model of Trust and Reputation
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Lik Mui and Mojdeh Mohtashemi and Ari Halberstadt | Key: mui-2002b
Reputation and Social Network Analysis in Multi-Agent Systems
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Jordi Sabater and Carles Sierra | Key: sabater-2002a
Social ReGreT, a reputation model based on social relations
Year: 2002 | Author(s): J. Sabater and C. Sierra | Key: sabater-2002b
On how agents make friends: mechanisms for trust acquisition
Year: 2001 | Author(s): B. Esfandiari and S. Chandrasekharan | Key: esfandiari-2001a
Group and Reputation Modeling in Multi-Agent Systems
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Ari Halberstadt and Lik Mui | Key: halberstadt-2001a
Supporting trust in virtual communities
Year: 2000 | Author(s): A. Abdul-Rahman and S. Hailes | Key: abdul-rahman-2000a
Boosting cooperation by evolving trust
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Andreas Birk | Key: birk-2000a
The Importance of NOT Learning from Experience
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Magne Jorgensen and Dag Sjoberg | Key: jorgensen-2000a
Trust and Distrust Definitions: One Bite at a Time
Year: 2000 | Author(s): D. Harrison McKnight and Norman L. Chervany | Key: mcknight-2000a
Contracting with Uncertain Level of Trust
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Sviatoslav Braynov and Tuomas Sandholm | Key: braynov-1999a
Learning models of other agents using influence diagrams
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Suryadi, D. and Gmytrasiewicz, P.J. | Key: suryadi-1999a
Collaborative reputation mechanisms in electronic marketplaces
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Zacharia, G. and Moukas, A. and Maes, P. | Key: zacharia-1999a
Empirical Analysis of Predictive Algorithms for Collaborative Filtering
Year: 1998 | Author(s): John S. Breese and David Heckerman and Carl Kadie | Key: breese-1998a
Principles of trust for MAS: Cognitive anatomy, social importance, and quantification.
Year: 1998 | Author(s): Cristiano Castelfranchi | Key: castelfranchi-1998a
Negotiation Decision Functions for Autonomous Agents
Year: 1998 | Author(s): Faratin, P. and Sierra, C. and Jennings, N. R. | Key: faratin-1998a
Evolution of indirect reciprocity by image scoring
Year: 1998 | Author(s): M. Nowak and K. Sigmund | Key: nowak-1998a
The Dynamics of Indirect Reciprocity
Year: 1998 | Author(s): M. Nowak and K. Sigmund | Key: nowak-1998b
A Service-Oriented Negotiation Model between Autonomous Agents
Year: 1997 | Author(s): C. Sierra, P. Faratin and N. Jennings | Key: sierra-1997a
Chaos, cheating and cooperation: potential solutions to the Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1996 | Author(s): Bjorn Brembs | Key: brembs-1996a
Learning models of intelligent agents
Year: 1996 | Author(s): D. Carmel and S. Markovitch | Key: carmel-1996a
Help under risky conditions: robustness of the social attitude and system performance
Year: 1996 | Author(s): A. Cesta and M. Micelli | Key: cesta-1996a
The Right Type of Trust for Distributed Systems
Year: 1996 | Author(s): A. Josang | Key: josang-1996a
Limited Logical Belief Analysis
Year: 1996 | Author(s): Antonio Moreno and Ton Sales | Key: moreno-1996a
Social information filtering: algorithms for automating word of mouth
Year: 1995 | Author(s): Shardanand, U. and Maes, P. | Key: shardanand-1995a
Formalising Trust as a Computational Concept
Year: 1994 | Author(s): Stephen P. Marsh | Key: marsh-1994a
Toward a Theory of Honesty and Trust Among Communicating Autonomous Agents
Year: 1993 | Author(s): Piotr Gmytrasiewicz and E. Durfee | Key: gmytrasiewicz-1993a
The clarke tax as a consensus mechanism among automated agents
Year: 1991 | Author(s): E. Ephrati and J.S. Rosenschein | Key: ephrati-1991a
A Veto game played by baboons: a challenge to the use of the Prisoner's Dilemma as a paradigm for reciprocity and cooperation
Year: 1990 | Author(s): Ronald Noe | Key: noe-1990a
The Evolution of Cooperation
Year: 1984 | Author(s): Robert Axelrod | Key: axelrod-1984a
The Evolution of Reciprocal Altruism
Year: 1971 | Author(s): R. Trivers | Key: trivers-1971a


Others of Interest (68 entries):

Evolutionary dynamics on graphs
Year: 2005 | Author(s): Erez Lieberman and Christoph Hauert and Martin A. Nowak | Key: lieberman-2005a
Year: 2004 | Author(s): Thomas Tran | Key: tran-2004a
Computational Models of Trust and Reputation: Agents, Evolutionary Games, and Social Networks
Year: 2003 | Author(s): Lik Mui | Key: mui-2003a
Evolution of Indirect Reciprocity by Social Information: The Role of Trust and Reputation in Evolution of Altruism
Year: 2003 | Author(s): Mojdeh Mohtashemi and Lik Mui | Key: mui-2003b
Evolutionary Optimization in Dynamic Environments
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Jurgen Branke | Key: branke-2002a
Incentive Compatible Mechanism for Trust Revelation
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Sviatoslav Braynov and Tuomas Sandholm | Key: braynov-2002a
Toward Optimal Planning in Multiagent Environments: Basic Framework
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Piotr Gmytrasiewicz | Key: gmytrasiewicz-2002a
Towards Incentive-Compatible Reputation Management
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Radu Jurca and Boi Faltings | Key: jurca-2002a
Towards Realistic Models for Evolution of Cooperation
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Lik Mui | Key: mui-2002a
Extracting Reputation in Multi Agent Systems by Means of Social Network Topology
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Josep M. Pujol and Ramon Sanguesa and Jordi Delgado | Key: pujol-2002a
Multiagent Teamwork: Analyzing Key Teamwork Theories and Models
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Pyanadeth | Key: pyanadeth-2002a
A Reputation-Oriented Reinforcement Learning Strategy for Agents in Electronic Marketplaces
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Thomas Tran and Robin Cohen | Key: tran-2002a
An Evidential Model of Distributed Reputation Management
Year: 2002 | Author(s): Bin Yu and Munindar P. Singh | Key: yu-2002a
What's in a reputation? Reputation Systems for Supply Chain Management
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Gary E Bolton and Elena Katok and Axel Ockenfels | Key: bolton-2001a
Rational Choice in an Uncertain World : The Psychology of Judgement and Decision Making
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Reid Hastie and Robyn M. Dawes | Key: dawes-2001a
Social Trust: A Cognitive Approach
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Rino Falcone and Cristiano Castelfranci | Key: falcone-2001a
Protocols for Cooperation; Cultural Diversity of Strategies for the Alternating Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 2001 | Author(s): David Kraines and Vivian Kraines | Key: kraines-2001a
Collaborative sanctioning: applications in restaurant recommendations based on reputation
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Lik Mui and Peter Szolovits and Cheewee Ang | Key: mui-2001b
Bayesian Ratings in Distributed Systems: Theories, Models, and Simulations
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Lik Mui | Key: mui-2001c
Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma: A review
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Colm O'Riordan | Key: oriordan-2001a
Interaction Patterns and Observable Commitments in a Multi-Agent Trading Scenario
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Jeremy Pitt and Lloyd Kamara and Alexander Artikis | Key: pitt-2001a
Reward and punishment
Year: 2001 | Author(s): K. Sigmund and Ch. Hauert and Martin A. Nowak | Key: sigmund-2001a
Managing Trust and Commitment in Collaborative Supply Chain Relationships
Year: 2001 | Author(s): Bill Welty and Irma Becerra-Fernandez | Key: welty-2001a
Trust as a Commodity
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Partha Dasgupta | Key: dasgupta-1988a
Learning to Better Coordinate in Joint Activities
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Garland | Key: garland-2000a
Risk and Trust in Social Exchange: An Experimental Test of a Classical Proposition
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Molm | Key: molm-2000a
Toward adaptive cooperative behavior
Year: 2000 | Author(s): E. Tzafestas | Key: tzafestas-2000a
Trust Management Through Reputation Mechanisms
Year: 2000 | Author(s): Giorgos Zacharia and Pattie Maes | Key: zacharia-2000a
Formal Analysis of Models for the Dynamics of Trust based on Experiences
Year: 1999 | Author(s): C. Jonker and J. Treur | Key: jonker-1999a
Distributed Rational Decision Making
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Tuomas Sandholm | Key: sandholm-1999a
Who can you trust: Dealing with deception
Year: 1999 | Author(s): M. Schillo and P. Funk and M. Rovatsos | Key: schillo-1999a
The Continuous Prisoner's Dilemma: I. Linear Reactive Strategies
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Lindi M. Wahl and Martin A. Nowak | Key: wahl-1999a
The Continuous Prisoner's Dilemma: I. Linear Reactive Strategies with Noise
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Lindi M. Wahl and Martin A. Nowak | Key: wahl-1999b
How Important Is Your Reputation in a Multi-Agent Environment
Year: 1999 | Author(s): Xin Yao and P.J. Darwen | Key: yao-1999a
The Ecology of Cooperation
Year: 1996 | Author(s): Jean Robert Hoffmann | Key: hoffmann-1996a
Robustness of Cooperation
Year: 1996 | Author(s): Martin A. Nowak and Sebastian Bonhoeffer and Robert A. May | Key: nowak-1996a
Reciprocity; A Foundational Principle for Promoting Cooperative Behavior Among Self-interested Agents
Year: 1996 | Author(s): Sandip Sen | Key: sen-1996a
Deciding when to commit to action during observation-based coordination
Year: 1995 | Author(s): M.J. Huber and E.H. Durfee | Key: huber-1995a
Evolution of Learning among Pavlov Strategies in a Competitive Environment with Noise
Year: 1995 | Author(s): David Kraines and Vivian Kraines | Key: kraines-1995a
Automata, repeated games and noise
Year: 1995 | Author(s): Martin A. Nowak and Karl Sigmund and Esam El-Sedy | Key: nowak-1995a
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Year: 1995 | Author(s): Russell, S. and Norvig, P. | Key: russell-1995a
How to Cope with Noise In the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1995 | Author(s): Jianzhong Wu and Robert Axelrod | Key: wu-1995a
Biological markets: supply and demand determine the effect of partner choice in cooperation, mutualism, and mating
Year: 1994 | Author(s): Ronald Noe and Peter Hammerstein | Key: noe-1994a
Rules of Encounter: Designing Conventions for Automated Negotiations between Computers
Year: 1994 | Author(s): Rosenschein | Key: rosenschein-1994a
Advances in the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
Year: 1994 | Author(s): Yager | Key: yager-1994a
A mechanism for social selection and successful altruism
Year: 1991 | Author(s): H. Simon | Key: simon-1991a
Incomplete Information and Deception in Multi-Agent Negotiation
Year: 1991 | Author(s): Zlotkin | Key: zlotkin-1991a
Stochastic Strategies in the Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1990 | Author(s): Martin Nowak | Key: nowak-1990a
The Evolution of Stochastic Strategies in the Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1990 | Author(s): Martin Nowak and Karl Sigmund | Key: nowak-1990b
Walking out of social traps
Year: 1989 | Author(s): M. Macy | Key: macy-1989a
Learning to cooperate: Stochastic and tacit collusion in social exchanges
Year: 1989 | Author(s): M. Macy | Key: macy-1991a
Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations
Year: 19880 | Author(s): Diego Gambetta | Key: gambetta-1988a
The Further Evolution of Cooperation
Year: 1988 | Author(s): Robert Axelrod and J. Dion | Key: axelrod-1989a
Spontaneous order and Tit for Tat
Year: 1988 | Author(s): K-D. Opp | Key: opp-1988a
Annotated bibliography on the evolution of cooperation
Year: 1987 | Author(s): Robert Axelrod and J. Dion | Key: axelrod-1987a
The Evolution of Strategies in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1987 | Author(s): Robert Axelrod | Key: axelrod-1987b
Reducing Bias and Inefficiency in the Selection Algorithm
Year: 1987 | Author(s): James E. Baker | Key: baker-1987a
Optimal retaliation and optimal cooperation
Year: 1987 | Author(s): U. Mueller | Key: mueller-1987a
Strategies for eliciting cooperation from an adversary
Year: 1987 | Author(s): M. Patchen | Key: patchen-1987a
Is it always efficient to be nice?
Year: 1986 | Author(s): C. Donninger | Key: donninger-1986a
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Year: 1986 | Author(s): Bart Kosko | Key: kosko-1986a
On the Economic Virtues of Incompetency and Dishonesty
Year: 1986 | Author(s): Andrew Schotter | Key: schotter-1986a
The optimal level of generosity in a selfish uncertain environment
Year: 1985 | Author(s): P. Molander | Key: molander-1985a
The Logic and Limits of Trust
Year: 1983 | Author(s): Barber | Key: barber-1983a
Reputation and Imperfect Information
Year: 1982 | Author(s): D. Kreps and R. Wilson | Key: kreps-1982a
Group selection, altruism, and the levels of organization of life
Year: 1978 | Author(s): R.D. Alexander and G. Borgia | Key: alexander-1978a
Prisoner's Dilemma
Year: 1965 | Author(s): A. Rapoport and A.M. Chammah | Key: rapoport-1965a
The Genetical Evolution of Social Behaviour. I.
Year: 1964 | Author(s): W.D. Hamilton | Key: hamilton-1964a


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