Meet the people in my life who don't spare a single chance to kick my ass.
Disclaimer: Some of the decriptions are not true and have been put up just to make the page more readable.

Priyang Rathod: Likes to sleep and eat. Very normal, not picky about things and can sometimes be very boring.

Shailesh Doshi: Can't think of anything to describe this guy.

Vishal Shanbaug: Thorough gentelman and the most accomodative of the lot.

Shaitul Shah This guy likes a Bollywood flick by the nameKuch Kuch Hota Hain. Read the review to know more about this guy. Also maintains a blog.

Akshay Java: The concept of the house-maid was developed keeping this guy in mind.

Joe Catalano: This Yankee fan is also a snowboarder and the one who makes our weekends bearable by driving us around. Thanks Joe!

Tom Armstrong Likes to question everything....spurred, not always by curiosity but just for the heck of it. His---> blog