Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

For Courses Taught by Mike Grasso

Contacting the Instructor

Because the instructor has a full-time job outside of my responsibilities at UMBC, the best way to reach him is by email at You can also contact the CSEE office to leave a message at 410-455-3500 or a FAX at 410-455-3969.


You are expected to attend all classes and be on time. If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the notes, handouts, and any verbal information given during class from a fellow classmate or the course web site. Habitual absences or tardiness may be factored into your final grade. In addition, students who compromise the integrity of  the class through talking or other disruptive behavior may be asked to leave and may have their final grades reduced accordingly.

Responsibility for Class Material

You are responsible for all material covered in lecture, even if it is not in the textbook. You are responsible for the material in the readings, even if they are not covered during lecture. You are responsible for completing all assigned reading before it is covered in class.

Questioning a Grade

You have exactly one week from the time that you receive any grade to request that a grade be reevaluated. After that time, the grade will remain as is. All questions on grades should be submitted in writing. At the instructor's discretion, borderline final grades may be resolved using class participation, attendance, and whether all assignments were completed.

Missing Exams or Assignments

No late work will be accepted and no makeup exams will be given, with the following exceptions.

Academic Honesty

UMBC guidelines for project work and academic honesty will be followed. If you are found guilty of any single incident of academic dishonesty, you will receive an "F" for the course. This includes the following.