Michael Grasso

Michael A. Grasso, MD, PhD, FACP

Assistant Professor, Medicine & Emergency Medicine
Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
Director, University of Maryland Clinical Informatics Group
University of Maryland School of Medicine
110 S Paca St., 6th Floor, Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21201

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    Medical Software Engineering (CMSC 491/691)
    Principles of Database Systems (CMSC 661)
    Advanced Software Engineering (CMSC 645)
    Database Management Systems (CMSC 461)
    Software Design and Development (CMSC 345)
    Problem Solving and Computer Programming (CMSC 104)

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    MichaelGrasso.com  DrGrasso.com
    Segue Corporation (SegueMD)
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    Clinical Applications of Palm Computing

Clinical Informatics

Internal Medicine
  Internal Medicine  ABIM  ACP  AMA
  ACP Internist  Society of Hospital Medicine

Emergency Medicine
  Emergency Medicine  ABEM  SAEM

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