Syllabus for CMSC691E: Emergence

Fall 2003, TTh 11:30-12:45, FH227
Prof. Marie desJardins

Tentative reading list:

bullet Gary Flake, "The Computational Beauty of Nature," MIT Press, 1998 (primary textbook)
bullet Y. Bar-Yam, "Unifying Principles in Complex Systems"
bullet Douglas Hofstadter, "Godel, Escher, Bach" (excerpts)
bullet D. A. Hoskins, "An iterated function systems approach to emergence"
bullet Steven Strogatz, "Exploring Complex Networks"
bullet J. Lygeros et al., "A design framework for hierarchical, hybrid control"
bullet Additional readings TBA

Schedule (subject to change):

Week 1: Introduction to Emergence. Assignment: Find emergent systems in daily life. Play the MIT Beer Game.

Week 2: Computation (Flake, Part I; Hofstadter excerpts). Assignment: Begin hands-on system design.

Week 3: Fractals (Flake, Part II; paper TBA on L-systems).

Week 4/5: Chaos (Flake, Part III). Hands-on system design due. In-class demonstrations.

Week 6/7: Complex Systems (Flake, Part IV; Bar-Yam; Strogatz). Proposals for in-depth paper due.

Week 8/9: Adaptation (Flake, Part V; papers TBA on evolutionary programming; papers TBA on artificial life)

Week 10: Survey paper planning. Assignment: Bibliography annotations.

Week 11: Further reading. Research proposal planning. Assignment: Survey paper draft sections.

Weeks 12/13: Student presentations.

Weeks 14/15: Further reading. Polish survey paper and research proposals.