Examples of Emergent Systems

UMBC CMSC 691E, Fall 2003
Notes from class, 8/28/03

bullet The Universe (!)
bullet Ants
bullet Bees (Hives)
bullet Riots
bullet Traffic jams
bullet Language
bullet Napster
bullet (Human) Intelligence
bullet Coral colonies
bullet Cities / urban communities
bullet Crystals/pearls
bullet Economies
bullet Clapping/standing ovations/synchronized clapping
bullet Cults/religions
bullet Photomosaics
bullet Evolution
bullet The Wave
bullet Mosh pits
bullet Stock market
bullet Nuclear fission
bullet Waves
bullet Galaxy formation
bullet The formation of the body of a mammal (ontogeny)
bullet Wind/weather
bullet Pulsing of neurons
bullet Birds/migration
bullet Water
bullet Political parties/government elections
bullet Locusts
bullet Lemmings
bullet Stampedes