Properties of Emergent Systems

UMBC CMSC 691E, Fall 2003
Notes from class, 8/28/03

bullet Abstract patterns that arise from complex systems of (possibly simple) low-level individual behaviors and interactions
bullet Interesting/surprising patterns of behavior
bullet Unexpected behavior
bullet Local rules leading to complex global behaviors
bullet Inherently unpredictable??
bullet Naturally occurring.  (Must they be? Not The Wave!)
bullet Seen in multiple contexts, arise from different starting states
bullet Global properties (emergent) are not inherent from the lower-level properties of the system.  (Or they *are* inherent, but aren't *predictable* -- in what sense?)
bullet Arise on multiple levels of abstraction / at multiple time scales
bullet Aggregation
bullet Collaboration or competition
bullet Natural selection (live or die as a result)
bullet Things a Person Might Name (Galaxy: yes! 10,000 Stars: no!)