CMSC 691B: Basic Research Skills

Spring 2004
Instructor: Marie desJardins

Last updated 2/10/04
Date Topic Reading Handouts/Links Assignments Due
1/27 Overview. Plagiarism. LaTeX.   Survey
Grading policies
LaTeX sample input file and output file
LaTeX tutorial input file and output file
Plagiarism exercise
Paraphrasing guidelines
Paper summary guidelines
ICML-03 reviewing form
Sample topics
Newman paper
Summary of Newman paper
1/29 Library field trip (Simmona Simmons-Hodo). The reviewing process. Discussion of Parberry Classification/Analysis.
  • Zobel Ch. 10
  • Peters Ch. 1, 2
  • Library exercise
    2/3 In-depth paper analysis and critique.
  • Smith, The Task of the Referee
  • Parberry, A Guide for New Referees in Theoretical Computer Science
  • Cohen, Schapire, and Singer, Learning to Order Things
  • Kamishima and Akaho, Learning from Order Examples
  • Discussion questions
    Topic guidelines
    Paper summaries
    2/5 Writing I: Organization, bibliographies.  BibTeX.
  • Zobel Ch. 1 and pp. 20-25
  • desJardins, How to Succeed in Graduate School
  • Bucknell's APA citation guidelines
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab's APA citation guidelines
  • Annotated bibliography guidelines, LaTeX source, and BibTeX file
    Oren Patashnik, "BibTeXing"
    Plain (sorted) and unsorted annotated bibliography BibTeX style files 
    Justin Zobel's writing page
    Levin and Rendell, How to Write a Good Systems Paper
    Chinneck, How to Organize Your Thesis
    2/10  In-depth survey analysis and critique.
  • Doyle and Thomas, Background to Qualitative Decision Theory
  • Elvins, A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization
  • Literature survey tips
    Editing symbols
    Topic paragraph
    2/12 Writing II: Style, common errors.
  • Zobel Ch. 2-3
  • Peters Ch. 18
  • Slides
    Outside reader agreement
    Kajiya, How to Get Your SIGGARPH Paper Rejected
    Library exercise
    2/17 How to give a good presentation.
  • Peters Ch. 20
  • Zobel Ch. 11
  • Paper presentation feedback form
    Student presentation schedule
    Mark Hill, Oral Presentation Advice
    Peyton-Jones et al., How to Give a Good Research Talk
    Winston, Some Lecturing Heuristics
    Patterson, How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia"
    2/19 Research I: Finding a topic and advisor.
  • Peters Ch. 5, 6, 16
  • Slides
    Transcript of Hamming, You and Your Research
    CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshops Booklet (includes Berman's "Building a Research Career")
    2/24 Research II: Research topics cont.
  • TBA
  •   Outside reader form
    Annotated bibliography
    2/26 Student paper presentations.
  •  Zobel Ch. 4
  •   (Paper summaries)
    3/2 Writing III: Tools.
  • Zobel Ch. 5, 6, 7
  • Literature survey review form Literature survey outline
    3/4 Student paper presentations.     (Paper summaries)
    3/9 Research III: Empirical methodology.
  • Zobel Ch. 8
  • Slides on experiment design
    Rob Holte's slides on experimental methodologies
    3/11 Student paper presentations.
    Prof. Oates research overview.
  • Zobel Ch. 9
  • Research statement guidelines Literature survey draft
    (Paper summaries)
    3/16 Publicity: CV, networking, website.
    Jim Weekley, HTML/web design tools.
  • Peters Ch. 13
  • Slides
    Jim's slides
    Marie's CV: PDF and LaTex source
    CV samples and guidelines
    Website samples and guidelines
    Susan Eggers, Networking and Professional Social Interaction
    3/18  Student paper presentations.   Literature survey review
    3/30 Time management; success strategies.
    Prof. Cost research overview.
  • Peters Ch. 12, 18, 21, 22, 23
  • Slides
    Research paper guidelines
    H. T. Kung, Useful Things to Know About Ph.D. Thesis Research
    Janice Cuny, Time Management and Family Issues
    Final literature survey
    4/1 Student paper presentations.     Research problem statement
    4/6 Research IV: Proposals, grant writing / Statistical methods.
    Matt Gaston, Matlab/Gnuplot/R
  • Peters Ch. 17
  • Slides
    Research portfolio guidelines
    4/8 Research V: Statistical methods.
    Eric Eaton, vocal techniques.
  • Patterson
  • Parberry, How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science
  • Slide/presentation guidelines
    Presentation feedback form
    4/13 Terry Yoo (NIH/NLM), tentative topic: proposals and interviews.
    Jack Prostko, small-group feedback session.
    4/15 Research VI: Statistical methods cont.
    Prof. Rheingans, user studies.
      Data analysis exercise Research problem statement revision
    4/20 Student project presentations.     Research portfolio
    4/22 Student project presentations.      
    4/27 Student project presentations.     Paper draft
    4/29 Career options.
    Panelists: John Park, Nexus Genomics [SLIDES]; Christine Piatko, JHU/APL; Krishna Sivalingam, UMBC; Terry Yoo, NIH/NLM [SLIDES].
  • Peters Ch. 24
  •   Data analysis exercise
    5/4 Student project presentations.     Paper review
    5/6 Student project presentations.      
    5/18, 10:30-12:30 Student project presentations.     Final paper