Course Page for CMSC 100H, Fall 2011

Instructor: Dr. Marie desJardins

Date Topic Assignment Resources/Comments
9/1 Introduction to UNIX Emacs tutorial; install PuTTY on your computer; create, transfer, and mail me a file! C-h t
Learn UNIX in 10 minutes
UNIX tutorial
9/8 Introduction to Python Python tutorial; transfer the "guessing program" to your own machine and email it to me.
Python tutorial (work at least through section 4.4; skip sections 2, 3.1.3)
Python Quick Reference
9/15 Lab: Guessing Game Read assigned paper for next week; write "find the mode of a sorted list of numbers" Python program before our next lab class Emacs reference card
When Computer Programming Was Women's Work (see also short summary here)
Women and Computing (follow link to full pdf if you're on UMBC's wifi, or email me to ask for it)
Exploring Factors... (Persistence)
Strategy Trumps Money: Recruiting...
9/22 Discussion topic: Women in Computer Science (Meet at Starbuck's!) Python exercises; think of possible discussion topics; try to write "mode" program
9/29Lab: A Better Guessing Game

10/6 Lab: Getting Started with MasterMind Read about Mastermind. Wikipedia page on Mastermind
Play Mastermind!
10/13 Lab: MasterMind Chooser Read assigned papers for next week Reading assignment for 10/20:
Data Mining by Doug Alexander
DM Uncovers New Connections Between Health Problems, Paul Hyman
Massive Scale Data Mining for Education by Greg Linden
How IBM Built Watson, by Dawn Kawamoto
10/20 Discussion: Data Mining (Tina Zaky, discussion leader) Get the "whites" function working as a group by next week!
10/27 Lab: MasterMind Guesser Design Read assigned paper for next week Reading assignment TBA
11/3 Discussion topic and leader: TBA

11/10 Lab: MasterMind Guesser Read assigned paper for next time Reading assignment TBA
11/17 Lab: MasterMind Guesser II

11/24 No class - Thanksgiving!
12/2 Discussion topic: TBA Read assigned paper for next week
12/9 Lab: MasterMind Guesser III