Course Page for CMSC 100H, Fall 2010

Instructor: Dr. Marie desJardins

Date Topic Location Assignment Resources/Comments
9/2 Introduction to UNIX ECS 104 Emacs tutorial Instructor: Mr. MacGlashan (Dr. desJardins out of town)
9/9 Introduction to Python ECS 104 Python tutorial; write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 10.
Python tutorial (work at least through section 4.4; skip sections 2, 3.1.3)
Python Quick Reference
10 Privacy Settings...
Discussion questions
9/16 Discussion topic: Facebook and Privacy Sondheim 207 Find two possible papers; post links and one-paragraph summaries on Blackboard Emacs reference card
9/23 Lab: Guessing Game ECS 104 Read assigned paper for next week; write "find the mode of a sorted list of numbers" Python program before our next lab class --Vivek Wadhwa, Why We Need to Abolish Software Patents,
Position statement on software patents (famous computer scientist) Richard Stallman
-- R. R. Tucci, In Defense of Software Patents.
9/30 Software Patents (Discussion leader: Tina) Sondheim 207 Read about Mastermind Dr. desJardins out of town; Mr. MacGlashan will lead the discussion.
Wikipedia page on Mastermind
Play Mastermind!
Starter file for writing "mode" program
10/7 Lab: Getting Started with MasterMind ECS 104 Read assigned paper for next week --Benjamin Svetkey, James Cameron on Avatar technology, Entertainment Weekly
-- What is CGI Animation?, Ryan Dube,
10/14 CGI Technology (Discussion leader: Kimberly) Sondheim 207

10/21 Lab: MasterMind Chooser ECS 104 Read assigned paper for next week --Wikipedia overview of different types of auctions (read as needed for background)
--Benjamin Edelman et al., Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second-Price Auction, The American Economic Review, 2007
10/28 Google Ads (Discussion leader: David) Sondheim 207

11/4 Lab: MasterMind Guesser Design ECS 104 Read assigned paper for next week -- Background on Net Neutrality, wikipedia
-- Net Neutrality, New York Times, September 23, 2008
-- Matthew Lasar, Net Neutrality Protesters Lay Siege to Google,, August 2010
11/11 Net neutrality (Discussion leader: Katrina) Sondheim 207

11/18 Lab: MasterMind Guesser ECS 104 Read assigned paper for next time -- Wikipedia entry on cloud computing
-- CSA Congress: Building trust in the cloud is key to widespread adoption, InfoSecurity, November 17, 2010
-- Cloud Consortium Releases Security Compliance Tools, InformationWeek, November 17, 2010
-- Don't fight cloud computing technology, says Symantec's Thompson, SearchSecurity, November 17, 2010
11/25 No class - Thanksgiving!
12/2 Cloud computing (Discussion leader: Kellie) Sondheim 207

12/9 Lab: MasterMind Guesser II ECS 104