Dr. Jennifer Sleeman


The AI for Science and Social Good Lab **My new lab**


Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research

Recent Awards and Recognitions

Selected as a keynote speaker at the Sixth IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE 2020) - The title of my talk is "Multidisciplinary AI for Social Good Leading Us To A Better Future"

Recognized as a 2019 Rising Star

Invited Guest Panelist at the AI for Social Good AAAI Fall Symposium 2019


Systems and Methods for Deep Model Translation


Current: NOAA - Artificial Intelligence Based Bias Correction 5/2021 - 11/21

Current: NASA - Incubation Augmentation: Access, integrate, implement, test and validate an end-to-end prototype LIDAR based near real time system for generating hourly PBLH over the continental US. 12/2019 - 11/2021

Completed: May 2020 shared NSF grant with RedShred

Active Research

AI Based Bias Correction

Building Mixture of Experts Network for Combining Deep Learning Decisions with Scientific Decisions Achieved Through Traditional Methods

Long Short Term Memory Networks for Predicting the PBLH

Restricted Boltzmann Machines using D-Wave Quantum Annealing

Machine Learning for Detecting the Planetary Boundary Layer (Joint with the UMBC Physics Department)

Understanding the Evolution of Malware Using Dynamic Topic Models

Language Models for Large Scientific Data Sets

Relating News Articles to Scientific Research To Understand Journalistic Bias

Recent Editorial Appointments

Reviewer - IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering -2021

Reviewer - International Semantic Web Conference Posters and Demos -2020

Reviewer - IEEE Transactions on Big Data - 2020

Area of Research/Interest:

Courses Taught:

Spring 2020 - CMSC 471

Spring 2018 - CMSC 461

Fall 2017 - CMSC 341

Fall 2014 - CMSC 461